Kuykendall Working Border Collies

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Bred, raised and trained for a variety of situations


If You're Successful, We're Successful

Helping you and your Border Collie...in tough working environments.


Whether it be a Border Collie for  Canada goose control, cattle ranching, sheepdog trialing,  an agility dog or companion, we want to help.  From Border Collie puppies bred from our 30 years of strong working pedigrees or stud service to today's top sheep and cattle dog winners, to fully trained dogs or lessons and our legendary sheep camp -- we exist to serve you. 

You see, we don't just sell you a dog or a puppy and then walk away; we include a program of continued consultation on any issue......every step of the way, for your dog's entire life.  You don't just get the dog;  you get our expertise as well or the expertise of some of our affiliate companies specializing in agility dogs, Canada goose control and goat dogs.

It's a winning combination, any way you look at it.

Best yet, we're family; always have been, always will be.  And we're sure that you'll like our Border Collies and our way of doing business.

Come visit us in central North Carolina and stay awhile, or drop us a note.  We love to talk about our favorite thing - good working Border Collies. 

                 Kent, Gwen, Kara and Kody



 Goose Control Dogs | Cattle Dogs | Agility Dogs | Puppies for Sale | Training | Whistle CD&Booklet


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Kent & Gwen Kuykendall

2464 NC Hwy 22N * Franklinville, NC 27248

(336) 824-4278

kent@kuykendall-bc.com or gwen@kuykendall-bc.com